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Alison Spaven

Alison  is an award-winning textile and animal artist, based in the tiny Yorkshire village of Stillingfleet. She takes her inspiration mainly from the wildlife that she sees on her daily walks in the Yorkshire countryside, accompanied by her three faithful terriers. Studies for young animals have to be scheduled without them though! 

 Her characterful art is in collector's homes across the UK and in the United States and is created from rare breed wool using a single felting needle. 

Commissions  available on request

Current stock includes original pictures, prints, cards, sculptures and storyboxes

Linda Harvey

Linda's abstract  and multilayered explorations of the world around her give rise to a superb range of  art in various sizes and price points.  

She says:

"The inspiration for my work mainly comes from the places I visit. The numerous photographs I take give me a starting point from which my work evolves. I often work on several pieces at a time, as I enjoy an expressive and experimental way of working. While I use a variety of materials and processes in each project, my approach is consistent. I am particularly inspired by rustic textures, the ageing process and anything corroded and tarnished; colour and texture are the key elements in my work."

We currently stock Linda's wallhangings, pictures and cards.

Julie McCready

Julie's art uses a huge variety of techniques and ranges from fine art  to homewares and wearable art. 

She says:


“I’m passionate about a variety of textile media and love to explore and mix techniques in new ways. I often use recycled materials and find it exciting to give new life and beauty to discarded or unwanted items”

We currently stock Julie's cushions, brooches, cards and scarves


Sarah K Jackson

Sarah's distinctive and whimsical pictures contain a wonderful array of techniques and fabrics, from hand embroidery to printing, paper, collage and machine. 

She says:

"I specialise in transforming aged fabrics, papers and precious items into original works of 2D and 3D art. I particularly enjoy combining print, collage and stitch to highlight the clarity of the line and produce subtle and minimalistic, yet evocative, works"

We currently stock some of Sarah's latest chicken pictures, plus a range of cards.

Cathy Needham

Cathy's wallhangings and sculptural felt pieces, as well as her weaving positively zing with colour .

She says: " I'm usually inspired by the natural world, sometimes exploring it in a more realistic way, or in a bold stylised fashion. I also love creating work in a more abstract way, through explorations of colour and texture. I work with techniques of felt-making, tapestry weaving, fabric applique, often combined with rich hand stitching and embellishment."

We currently stock Cathy's Pictures, bowls, brooches, cards and jewelled felt pods

Bridget Bernadette Karn

Bridget's wool paintings are a shining example of how detailed and painterly working with wool can be.

She says: "I use wool to create pictures inspired by the natural world, in particular the impact light has on our experience of our environment."

We currently have four of Bridget's wool paintings in the gallery

Fran Brammer

 Beautifully drawn, as if her machine was a pencil, Fran's machine and hand embroidery landscapes range in size from titanic wall hangings to intimate sketches.

She says: "Landscape, the practical structures and also its fictions, are at the root of my work. I explore this through manipulation of surfaces and structure, using hand and machine stitch, inclusions of found textures and colour to create images and evocative histories."

We currently stock Fran's work in varying sizes

Carol Coleman

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On Show

November 14 & 15


York Textile Artisits Annual Exhibition 

York Cemetery Chapel


Art Awards

Winner of the Chairman's Choice Award, The Association of Animal Artists 2019